Our Contract

This is our agreement.  

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The simplicity of the agreement is that either we perform as advertised or you don’t pay!

OWNER (’Client’) and California Property Tax Associates (’CPTA’) enter into this agreement in Running Springs, County of San Bernardino, state of California on the date first written above and, in consideration of the mutual promises made herein, agree as follows: Client grants CPTA exclusive right to act as Client’s agent for the purpose of minimizing property tax assessments on the property referenced above. This right shall be irrevocable through the first full fiscal year ending June 30, 2011 and thereafter renews automatically unless revoked by Client giving written notice to CPTA, prior to January 1 preceding the upcoming fiscal year, by personal delivery or by mail, registered or certified, postage prepaid with a return receipt requested, at its corporate address listed above. CPTA shall review assessment records and property data, recommend action to minimize assessed values, and represent Client before the County Assessor, County Assessment Appeals Board or other county officials. No other services are covered by this agreement. Client shall timely provide CPTA with requested information determined by CPTA to be necessary to achieve property tax reduction and shall execute all documents necessary for CPTA representation of Client throughout the assessment appeals process. Client agrees no guarantee of assessment reduction is expressed or implied and CPTA, upon determining no economic assessment reduction reasonably can be obtained for property, may cease its efforts to obtain such reductions.

Client is solely responsible for payment of fees charged by any county agency related to the filing of, or appearance required for an application for changed assessment of property tax value.  Such required County fees are nonrefundable regardless of the success of a changed assessment.  As a convenience Client may timely convey the entire nonrefundable fee payment to CAPTA along with the signed appeal. CAPTA will transmit that fee payment with initial assessment appeal ocuments to the County on Client's behalf.  However, CAPTA is not responsible for damages resulting from an appeal denied on the grounds of improper fee payment, including, but not limited to, insufficient or non-timely funds for the fee payment provided by Client.

No compensation is due CPTA if Client does not obtain property tax savings, credits or refunds of any amounts payable.  Otherwise, Client agrees to pay CPTA compensation of 50% of the first full fiscal year’s savings and/or refunds, plus 50% of any prior years savings or refunds. Savings and/or refunds shall also include supplementals, penalties and/or accrued interest. Fees are earned at the time the property tax assessment is corrected or revised, ar due and payable within 30 days after invoicing, and thereafter bear a finance charge of 1.5% per month on the total unpaid portion, including unpaid finance charges. CPTA shall be entitled to receive in addition to any other costs and relief, reasonable collection and legal costs including attorney’s fees incurred in the collection of unpaid fees or the enforcement of this Agreement.

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