Visit CAPTA at the ICSC Recon Convention!

For over twenty years CAPTA has been working with property property owners and companies of all types throughout the State of California to reduce the property taxes on their properties. We work closely with Developers, Brokers, Property Management Companies, Lenders, Retail Corporations, Solar Companies, and many others on Shopping Centers, Vacant Land, Apartment Complexes, Industrial Buildings and much more! With this kind of history and a desire to reach even further in our markets, we are very pleased to announce we will be an exhibitor at the ICSC Recon Show in Las Vegas!

Where to Find Us
You can stop by our booth at the show from May 23 to May 25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at Booth #S385S. We will also be hosting a Hospitality Suite at Aria at City Center, Room # T.B.A. for two nights:
          Monday Evening, May 23rd from 4pm to 12am
          Tuesday Evening, May 24th from 4pm to 12am

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We would love to meet and talk with you so please stop by!
To set up an appointment at the booth or for an invitation to the Suite, please call Jeannette at (888) 904-3710.

Who We Are and What We Do
Property taxes are often the largest expense affecting the bottom line of commercial property owners in California. These property taxes are also least likely to be classified as a "controllable expense." If you've purchased your property within the last ten years, chances are that your property's assessed value is higher than the fair market value, the price you could actually get for it on the open market. California allows for a reduction in your property taxes when this discrepancy exists. Yet, many property owners do not realize this and continue to pay more property tax than they are required. Other commercial property owners may realize this, but simply do not know how to navigate the California Property Tax appeal process. What if you could just know that you will only ever pay your fair share in property taxes? That you have a partner on your side who makes sure this great property tax expense is always under control? This is where CAPTA comes in:

CAPTA's associates who actively appeal the California Property Taxes of our Client's portfolios include attorneys, licensed and certified appraisers, and past and present County Assessment Appeals Board Members. CAPTA has three offices across the State and we have relationships with most Counties from San Diego County to Siskiyou County; from Los Angeles County to Sacramento County. With our locations, we are able to attend property tax appeal hearings in any County when that need exists. However, our past successes and current relationships with each County generally result in a reduction in your property's assessed value before a board hearing is required.

Results Driven
At CAPTA we understand that every dollar matters and that's why we won't simply take what is offered to us by the Assessor's office, but will fight for the lowest possible value making sure you save the most possible. We also understand you have choices in this industry, some of which advertise lower rates than CAPTA. Being an apartment owner, you know that you get what you pay for. Our position - We think outside the box.

Too often in this industry we see other firms take the bone thrown to them by the Assessor's office. At CAPTA, we aren't satisfied until we get what we prove. If that means we spend more time and money on your case, that's exactly what we'll do. If that means we make multiple trips to the Assessor's office for hearings, that's exactly what we'll do. We think of it as cleaning all the meat from the bone. What does that mean for you? The biggest refunds, the biggest savings and the lowest tax liability.

See for Yourself
You've seen scrolling across the bottom of the screen some of our recent results - take some time to view more examples of property tax reductions we've achieved for our clients and what we can do for you. Then, please look at the Follow Our Work section we've prepared to see to what extent we will go to lower your property's assessed value.


Time is critical, the opportunity to file for the 2011 tax year is NOW in most counties! Call Us Today at (888) 904-3710 or fill out the information below and We'll call you!