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If you're reading this page, it's because every dollar matters. At CAPTA, we completely understand this and thats why we won't simply take what is given to us, but will fight for the lowest value making sure you save the most possible. We also know you have choices in this industry, some of which advertise lower rates than CAPTA offers. Being a property owner, you know that you get what you pay for. If you see the picture to the right, you'll see the problem with these other companies - they're limited in their thinking. Our position? We think outside the box.

All too often in this industry we see other firms take the bone thrown them by the Assessor's office. At CAPTA, we aren't satisfied until we get what we prove. If that means we spend more time on your property, thats exactly what we'll do. If that means we make multiple trips to the Assessor's office for hearings, thats exactly what we'll do. We like to think of it as cleaning all the meat from the bone. What does that mean for you? The biggest refunds, the biggest savings, and smallest tax liability.

Please understand that our years of experience have gained us relationships throughout the state, county by county working with individuals in the office of the Assessor. Every property circumstance is different and therefore requires different procedures and methods to secure the lowest possible value for you. That is why we are your best choice; we think differently than the rest. We have taken cases that others have reviewed and determined that no economic reason existed to accept the property. We have went on to reduce taxes and assessed values for our client beyond their expectations. That is the reputation we have. That is why we succeed where others fail.

Our Fee? If you do not receive a property tax credit, savings or refund you pay us nothing. Otherwise, the fee for our services is fifty percent of the tax savings achieved in the first full fiscal year, plus any prior years tax savings, credits or refunds. We cover all of our own costs associated with the assessment reduction as needed. Some Counties require filing fees for the application for changed assessment, which you will be required to pay; but this fee is paid directly to the County and there is never a request from CAPTA to cover any of our own fees or costs.

Is that the lowest fee you'll find? No. Again, you get what you pay for. And, while our stated fee may be higher than some of our competition, you will actually find that our effective rate is lower than our competitors lower stated fee. For more on this, please see our lower fee page. Please visit our blog to follow our work and see the reductions we've achieved for our clients.

Let us also share this example with you:
We took on a client (we'll call him John), a lawyer, in 2008 with a piece of vacant residential land overlooking the beach. His close friend (we'll call her Diane), a judge, owned an almost identical piece of land, and was also a client of CAPTA. In 2009, John received a solicitation from one of our competitors offering him a lower rate. In the interest of saving money, John cancelled our service and went to the competition, while Diane remained with CAPTA. In 2009, on their nearly identical properties, John didn't save any money. CAPTA was however able to lower Diane's assessed value, saving her almost $5,600.00. As a result of John's desire to pay a lower fee, he ended up losing almost $5,600.00!

When dealing with commercial property, one of your largest expenses each year is property taxes. Do you really want to gamble while trying to reduce one of your largest expenses?

Our contract is a simple one page document: . See our contract.

Time is critical, the opportunity to file for the 2017 tax year is NOW in some counties!
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