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California Property Tax Associates (CAPTA) is the expert in reducing California Property Taxes. Working on a contingency basis means

No Savings = No Fee!

Are you a property owner in the state of California? Then you might be happy to know that, overall property developers, homeowners and commercial property owners have done well these last several years and we are happy for you if you are one of them. But many who think they are in this group are unnecessarily overpaying their property taxes -- and the sad truth is they don't have to. Are you or your client one of them? It will cost you nothing to find out.

For many years and through two recessions our property tax agents have saved thousands of clients millions of dollars in property taxes. We work in all Counties throughout the State of California by representation before the Assessment Appeals Boards in the assessment reduction process.

Property taxes are often the largest expense affecting the bottom line of both residential and commercial property owners in California. But at CAPTA we understand better than most the County Assessor's responsibilities in an appreciating market as well as in a depreciating market. In California, Proposition 8 allows for a reduction in your property taxes when a discrepancy exists in a valuation that does not follow the provision of the law. And who wants to pay more property tax than the law demands, year after year? Take a look at some of the reductions we have secured by County:

Some of CAPTA's Property Tax Reductions by County
Alameda County Fresno County Kern County Los Angeles County
Orange County Riverside County Sacramento County San Bernardino County
San Diego County Ventura County

Our mission is simple: Enforce our Clients Rights under Proposition 13 and ensure they never pay more property tax than what they are required to pay after applying every conceivable reduction strategy allowed by law.

Time is critical in the property tax appeal process. With very few exceptions, when the application deadlines pass there is no going back to appeal past years' property taxes. You owe it to yourself and your portfolio to put CAPTA on your side. Remember, No Savings = No Fee!

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